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Rachel Fryirs



8-9 ANS



Dynamic philosophy workshops based on P4C techniques aiming to develop children's communication and enquiry skills


Philosofun workshops are engaging, fun sessions consisting of games and concept activities that stimulate phiosophical enquiry and foster a Growth Mindset.


These workshops are held in English with a maximum of 15 young philosophers per group, and are aimed at further enriching and developing the discursive skills of children who are already comfortable speaking in English.


Children will explore a variety of artistic stimuli inluding painting, poetry, quotations, photographs, picture books, short films and music.

By applying the four 'C's to our discussion, children are guided towards thinking with a caring, collaborative, creative and critical manner, thus improving social skills, communication and the ability to synthesise information effectively.

In an age where technological developments are occurring at such a rapid rate, the skills developed in Philosofun sessions are necessary to cope with the overwhelming amount of information now available when learning.


Philosofun workshops will help to create resilient, logical, open-minded young citizens who can adapt to a swiftly-changing environment and successfully overcome any challenges that lie ahead.

Jour et horaires 2019-2020

Mercredi : 14h-15h30

D'octobre à juin (hors vacances scolaires)

Enfants de 8 à 10 ans

Niveau d'anglais : langue maternelle ou avancé.


20 euros par séance de 1h30 facturé par trimestre ou année scolaire

TR : une séance offerte par trimestre

Tarif réduit : étudiants, demandeurs d'emplois, bénéficiaires du RSA et familles de l'école Montessori21 Jaurès.



Rachel Fryirs

Rachel is a dynamic teacher with an infectious enthusiasm for discussing the 'big ideas' that arise in philosophical enquiry.


She is an experienced primary educator, having held both management and classroom-teaching positions in the UK and France over the last decade.

With an academic background in English Literature, she is interested in the way that careful use of language and skilled questioning allow us to deepen our level of understanding of philosophical concepts, and consequently better understand our relationships to others and the world around us.


Rachel believes that children can become great philosophers from an early age if given the right tools of communication and the necessary questioning skills.

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